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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- I am an International Student, Can I Flight Train at AFTC?

A- Yes. AFTC is authorized to Issue the I-20 towards the M1 Visa

Q- Will I require TSA approval?

A- ALL International Students require clearance from TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) We complete this with you on arrival.

Q- Do I pay all of my training fees upfront to the school?

A- No. We use an external company to process your payments (Global Aviation Funding). They accept your funds through wire and place them in a trust account. The school receives the flight training fees periodically from Global. If you decide to return home and do not finish your training, Global will refund the balance on your account within 7 days by wire transfer.

Q- What types of Aircraft do you have?

A- We operate Cessna 172s with and without G1000 glass cockpits. Piper PA28’s and Beech Craft Duchess.

Q- How many Students do you flight train each year?

A- This number changes each year. 2016 we training 160 students in total. 2017 will be 200.

Q- Does the school have student accommodation?

A- This will be in place by December 2017. At this time, we rent a large apartment facility for our students.

Q- How Many Flight Instructors do you have?

A- We have 9 Instructors all full time. This does not include Chief and Assistant Chief pilots.

Q- How many Aircrafts do you have?

A- We have 9 aircraft in total.

Q- Are there any air traffic or examiner delays?

A- There are no air traffic delays in our region. Examiners are booked well in advance for our students.

Q- How long will it take for me to complete my Career Pilot Training with AFTC?

A- There are four modules. Each one takes 3 months to complete.

About Us

We are confident in our ability to accurately assess your training needs, as we have been professionals in our field for over 30 years. With 98% first time pass rates 9 years running, we are the logical choice for your first or next rating(s).



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